The Web3 Disruption

April 19, 18:00-21:00 EEST

Join us in-person @Workland Vabaduse, Tallinn

Or get a link to join us online — Meet some of the brightest minds in the Web 3.0 space as we discuss how DApps, NFTs, DAOs and DeFi are changing the face of the future of the web.
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At the frontier

Ian Lee
Erikan Obotetukudo
Managing Partner
Andrus Aaslaid
Erki Koldits
Stenver Jerkku
@solid dao
Franck Nouyrigat
Rain Vaana
Evald-Hannes Kree

A founder-focused meetup about the future of web

It’s an information-filled gathering of interesting, intriguing people dedicated to transforming the future of the web.

You’ll enjoy in-depth interviews and interactive panel discussions with the top movers and shakers in the crypto-verse.
The future of web
A panel discussion about the future of the decentralized web.
Culture, community and decentralized internet.
The intersection of culture, community, and decentralized internet.
Web3 startup pitches
Pitch your Web3 ideas, and ideate face-to-face.
Meet, mingle, and network over drinks and food with other Web3 fans.
“Web3 is still under construction, so we can shape the future of the Internet. In the previous iterations, we went from reading to writing on the web, and now is the time for digital ownership.”
Javier Ortín Cervera
Blockchain engineer
“More than $10B was raised in fresh capital for crypto startups this quarter alone.”
Vattan PS
In Web 3.0, young people are not judged by age or previous experience; they are encouraged to speak their mind, even if they lack years of expertise.

Jevgenia Fleidervish
Web3 Enthusiast
“Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the hottest topics in the digital art and collectibles ecosystem.”

Impact of Web3

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