Generative AI Unconference

Experience the dynamic world of AI

A half-day of immersive learning and networking in an informal format. Navigate AI governance, harness data literacy, foster human-AI synergy, map AI ethics, and uncover investment trends through thought-provoking panels.

Expect to see a highly targeted audience of AI enthusiasts, including founders, developers, policy makers, and investors.

Event details

Date and time


  • Welcome and Opening Remarks


    Kickstart the Generative AI Unconference with Vattan PS as he sets the stage for an engaging afternoon of deep AI discussions, extending a warm welcome to all attendees and laying out the day's roadmap.

  • AI Stewardship: Navigating AI Governance


    Insights from Johannes Tammekänd (NFTPort), Shahab Anbarjafari (PwC Finland), Timur Tlyachev (Haut.AI), Federico Fini (Karma Ventures) moderated by David Clark (Tera Ventures).

  • Harnessing AI: Hiring, Hurdles, and Cultivating Data Literacy


    Insights from Innar Liiv (TalTech), Julian Kaljuvee (Denario), Franck Nouyrigat (Electis), Karl-Oskar Masing (Eurora), moderated by Sandra Reivik (Blockchain & AI Geek).

  • Break


    Join us for a brief intermission with coffee and assorted refreshments.

  • Coworking With AI: Fostering Human-AI Synergy


    Insights from Liisi Soots (Veriff), Erman Küplü (Analyzify), Mika Melchanka (Intently), Chris Reinberg (Mindsera), moderated by Vaido Mikheim (Startup Estonia).

  • Ethics and AI: A Roadmap to Responsible Regulation


    Insights from Martin Rand (Pactum), Evelin Ebruk (AIRE), Toomas Seppel (Hedman), Aleksander Tsuiman (Veriff), moderated by Henrik Trasberg (Ministry of Justice).

  • Break


    Take a break for some light snacks and a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Investing In AI: Beyond the Hype


    Insights from Andrus Oks (Tera Ventures), Lauri Antalainen (Digiwise), Gert Lõhmus (Vinted), moderated by Gleb Maltsev (Stoneful).

  • Closing Remarks


    Our host Vattan will conclude the event with closing remarks, expressing gratitude to our esteemed speakers, attendees, and the venue.

  • Open Mic Session


    Experience three innovative AI startup pitches or use-cases presented by our attendees in this spotlight session.


  • What is the format of the event?

    It's an informal, half-day event with a mix of panel discussions. Attendees will have ample opportunities for networking and learning.

  • Will the event be live streamed?

    No, the event will not be live-streamed. We encourage all interested individuals to attend in person to fully participate in the discussions and networking opportunities.

  • Do I need to register to attend?

    Absolutely. Register here. We've got limited spots. You'll be notified by email if selected.

  • Will there be refreshments provided?

    Yes, we will have breaks with coffee and light bites.

  • Can I contribute as a speaker?

    While our agenda is currently full, we're always open to fresh perspectives. If you believe you have noteworthy insights, do reach out to us here.